My Heart is Full With the Power of Relationships.

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

I am grateful for the incredible depth of love that relationships bring into my life, as well as the reflection and opportunity they bring to learn more about who I am.

Becoming more conscious of how I react and show up in my personal and professional relationships has helped me grow to become kinder, gentler, more conscious and loving. To others as well as myself.

Being an entrepreneur has connected me with people all over the globe, which has changed how I see the world.

The value and gift, of extending our reach and connection of love and community more broadly.  These relationships have helped me grow as a human being and to be more aware of all the ways we are capable of nurturing and caring for our shared humanity.

Which is why this week I want to talk about our most important relationship. 

Which is our relationship with ourself.

How do you honor you?  

Do you celebrate and recognize you every day?

Or are you guided by that monkey mind that chooses to...

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5 Top Happiness Hacks

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Choosing joy daily is my numero uno

Since every moment is a choice 

I remind myself of this fact

Whenever I find myself spinning off course


Worrying about something or comparing myself to someone

Living in the land of regrets for what I wish I would have said or done

Pushing myself to do more instead of crawling into bed and feeling more happy

Which is where I am right now!  With a smile on my face


I love writing in bed 

Secret time downloading my day in a quiet space

Giving myself an “Atta girl!” for the little accomplishments of the day

So I can go to sleep with a win instead of a list of to do’s 

Wake up feeling ready to conquer the day instead of overwhelmed


So what makes you happy

What brings joy and into your heart

Let’s make a list together and choose one thing every day

Because dang we deserve it

5 Top Happiness Hacks

  1. Laugh a lot - especially at yourself, because I like cracking myself up 
  2. Grow a garden...
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Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

My heart is full of happiness

It is my theme this week

Finding ways to share more joy and love

Starting with myself because it’s always an inside job


We believe that something in the world will make us happy 

But the problem is when we get it 

We just want more of something else

Never satisfied and always searching for next


Instead of valuing all we are 

Our ability to give freely

The little acts of kindness

The simple smile or thank you

The patience we show when we are annoyed

These are really gifts to you

Because they remind you of the power you have 

To bring more joy into the world….


So let’s cultivate a garden of goofy playful fun

What should we plant

Rich soil of love

Fertilized with a generous dose of caring

Deep seedlings of kindness

And a crop of giving...

So we nourish the world

With food from our heart

And the planet with our love

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What lights you up?

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2020

What lights you up

Starts a fire in your heart

Take time today and write down 5 things that make you happy

I have a way to make your wish list come true


You have to bring the desire 

The spark of belief, faith and will to make it real

I have the how, the way to build the spark into a fire 

That burns in your heart because it lights up your dreams


These are your dreams we are talking about….

Pull them out of the dark and let’s sing


My song for today is a touch of Springsteen and some good old fashioned dancing ….


“I’m just tired and bored with myself

You can’t start a fire 

Can’t start a fire without a spark

This guns for hire

Even if we’re just dancing in the dark”


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Why do we say no…. What are we afraid of?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020


I get it!  Change is scary and the unknown is even scarier.  


This is what I hear all the time when people first consider becoming a social entrepreneur


“I want another stream of income but don’t know what that means or where to start.”


“I’m not you and can’t do what you do”


“I don’t know what to do and am too overwhelmed to do anything right now”


“Or I’m so busy and just couldn’t handle one more thing”


“I don’t have any  money”


My heart breaks open because I understand.  I felt the same way.  


I had all of these concerns as well


I didn’t have any experience and at the time, I didn’t have a mentor to help me.


I was afraid of asking for help and so I stayed stuck and struggled


I didn’t know where to start, did it on my own,  and was leading...

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Top 5 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2020

Our world today is changing so rapidly and finding our way through uncertainty is essential.  Waiting for the world to get back to normal is a remote possibility but I believe in our heart of hearts we all realize that it is time for change.  


We are called to create a kinder, better, more loving, consciously connected world.  Working together globally to solve the problems we have created on this one planet we spin through space on.  Our world cannot survive our consumption of it and if we do not change, our survival is also in question.  ReThinking our future is rethinking our present.  What can we each do differently in this globally connected world is our opportunity.  This is the time of the entrepreneur so moving from coin operated, job paying me, to purpose minded can begin as a side hustle with the potential to grow into your main purpose and reward.


Let’s look at 5 ways to create other streams of income in this...

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Let’s get straight down to business

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

Isn’t that what we do every week

Go to work, do our job, go home

Repeat the next day until Friday


Do you love what you do?


I loved my clients but was not as crazy about my bosses

My team and I were the ones producing the revenues

Building the relationships and delivering the results

And they were the ones trying to manage us

Figuring that cracking a whip was motivation 

Or calling a friday afternoon meeting was the smart way

To make sure we were still working till 5 pm


So what would we all love…

Doing what we lights us up and being our own boss

Creating something of value that people need

An opportunity to be one of the first

Knowing and being part of creating the future

Where the world is going

Like owning a piece of Apple, Google, Amazon


Timing is everything

It is why I said yes to network marketing

Because I believed so much in the company

That I got over my obstacles and fears

Become my own boss, set my own hours

Built an asset that...

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My heart is full with a Sunday Family Day Getaway

What's on my Heart.... 

When I was young, Sunday was a religious holiday.  Beginning with mass and extending into time with family. We were committed to time together and rarely were there exceptions to the day.  It culminated with dinner in the dining room which was the only time we ate there, other than holidays.  The best times of all were hopping in the car early in the morning for a trip somewhere and the adventures and memories we created.  

Which is why Sunday as my husband and I grabbed Gaia and hopped in the jeep for a trip to the beach, it made me think of my childhood.  A commitment to valuing the gift of time and those we love to spend it with.  Also a commitment to nourish our soul.

My jeep is a prize I won 8 years ago which now has 90,000 miles of fun on it. It was awarded in the spirit of freedom and adventure which it has been true to delivering all of that and more.  It’s huge tires and suspension are a way...

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Five Tips to Creating more time in your life

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

Are you ready? 

Wake up today with a plan to live life anew

Choose to be 10% happier, healthier, more loving and peaceful

It will not happen without a plan

Knowing what you will do differently today

So your life will be different tomorrow


I love to help people be their own life architect

ReThink Living by imagining what your life could look like

Sit still and dream again


So let’s get started

  1. Why do you want your life to be different?  You have to have a why, a burning desire that holds your firm to your course.  Change is hard but oh so worth it.  We have to dig deep here and figure out what we can’t die with still living in our heart.
  2. Commitment - not just for a day or two but true commitment.  Life and death commitment.  People want a better life but they aren’t willing to work for it.  Instead they work for someone else their whole life even though they hate it.  Be committed
  3. Consistent - Dreams happen...
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These are unprecedented times.

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

These are unprecedented times requiring us to adjust and adapt to change and uncertainty.  We are faced with global impacts reminding us of our humanity and connectedness to each other.  We have been grounded in our homes trying to figure out what’s next.  Often not seeing anything to grab hold of.  

I help people get unstuck, see a plan for creating a different future by taking control of uncertainty.  Building an army of defenses around your body before you need it and sharing a vision that allows you to take care of your financial well being as well. My life changed because I took one simple step.  I said yes to learning and growing.  

So if you are open to learn...searching for answers, the information is free.  Knowledge is power.  There is no better time to be in the knowledge industry….  Come learn, you have nothing to lose

Before you can move to what’s next, we need to get unstuck…


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