Join Me in Making 2021 a Year We Love

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2020

Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe? You have so many things to do yet can’t seem to get anything done.  Life is moving faster and you are hanging on by your fingernails and exhausted? You feel overwhelmed and responsible for EVERYONE, and EVERYTHING and can’t let go?

Trust me, not only have I been there, but I know that without a plan, it can happen every day.  I’ve spent days spinning in overwhelm.  Running in circles yet frozen in time unable to get focused and calm.  

Which is why I am so committed to a daily practice that has become a habit. A good habit I don’t want to break because when I do, I feel broken down at the end of the day and I don’t want that anymore because it steals all my dreams and desires in life.

So I am consistent…. Every single morning begins with time to stop the crazies that steal our belief in ourself.  Calm the spinning mind that seems more bent on telling us what we...

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Just Go Do It!

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

Are you afraid of looking stupid or being judged

Are you in fear of self limiting doubts that keep you stuck

Or do you want more out of life...


Do you believe

You are here for a reason

This gift of time is yours to own

Which means you stepping out of the known

Onto the cliff of what’s possible


If it scares you

That’s good

It should if your committed to greatness

This is not the time to play small

This dear friend is the time to go for it all


Because the world needs leaders

Who can guide others through the changes that are upon us

Our economy has been hacked by a virus

That’s killing more people every day 

Then died on 9/11 when 2,605 people died

And we were not numb to the tragedy of it all


This attack on our world looks different 

And the impact on our lives is more widespread

It has affected all of our lives in one way or another

Called us to look at our future with new eyes


It teaches us that this is a time for action...

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Your Greatness is On The Other Side of Fear

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2020

Are you presented with a challenge

Paralyzed with overwhelm and self doubt

Tell yourself all the reasons it won’t work

Settle for less because it is easier

You are not alone

Everyone of us was born with fear

Darren Hardy, who I love to listen to

Calls it the Resistance

The self talk that tells us what we are not

All the reasons we shouldn’t, couldn’t or won’t

And before we know it we have lost the fight

Our doubts defeat us


But the fact is we are not simply our mind

Our heart is the center of our body for a reason

It controls our breath and sends energy through our body

It animates our life and should be the command center for our dreams

So make a practice this year of stilling your mind

Do not let the resistance control your life one more day



Every single one of us has greatness inside of us

We weren’t born to live mediocre lives

We are meant to not only step into our greatness

Know that the path to great 

Is walking...

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What is Your Passion and Purpose?

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

What is your passion and purpose

Have you found that thing that lights you up

Makes you look forward to the next day

What you get to do every day of your life


Finding your passion and purpose

Is everything,,,,

Let’s start at the basics - 

Your passion and purpose begin in your body

Without it there is no vehicle to drive you into your day

Finding a way to be healthier, stronger, more energy focus and clarity

Is the fuel for passion and purpose


I am excited that the fuel for sharing 

What I am so passionate and driven to teach others

Just got better

Because it not only gives us the reward of better health

But the opportunity to get biohacking products for free 

Or get paid with a home based business to help other people learn and earn


Welcome to our new shining star

Our Friends and Family program

I love it because it benefits everyone

Not just with better health by activating cell signaling pathways 

But it gives our customer the chance...

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The Secret to Cellular Energy

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

This is no secret

Science knows it.... but we aren’t taught it in school

Unless you love biology which wasn’t me

I was a math major...go figure…

I loved problems I could solve with real results

Shows a bit about my brain!


Which is why I fell in love with science in my 50’s

Someone took me on a journey inside of my cells

Helped me learn how we age and that this was also a problem we can solve

Slow down damage BEFORE it happens

Take control of our health because science has advanced 

And we can

Are you kidding me….  Who says no….

Slowing down not just aging which is kind of a big deal

But more importantly, the damage that leads to the problems of aging

That steal our joy, our brain, our body, which is all we really have 

When I started loving all over my body, she loved all over and blessed me


So understanding the Secret to Cellular Energy

How we can harness it through the science of Biohacking

Is my gift for you this...

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Favorite Time of The Year

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2020

This is my favorite time of the year

I love December because it is the season of giving and gratitude

Long days with family festively celebrating life and our blessings

My greatest gifts came in this season

Starting with Thanksgiving, when our youngest son Mateo was born into our life

Moving to December when not only my husband but other two sons, Jarrett and Pablo were born 

These men are my blessings, greatest joy and life purpose


Sharing this season with them as we gather together makes me so happy

Letting go of all my to do’s and plans to buy a Christmas tree, take a walk, or just sit and talk

Making a shopping list so they can run to the store and fill the house with their favorite foods so I don’t have to is the best present of time and love

Being spoiled as they cook the dinners and do the dishes

Having Kyla, my niece here to help with our dad is another gift

A girl in the house brings a joy all its own

Grabbing all the things around the house that...

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Open Your Heart and Soul

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

Friday open your heart and soul day!

Find something that inspires you….

Opens your heart and soul and sets you free


I have been sharing my favorite book 

The Proust Questionnaire

Because it asks us to reflect on what matters most to us

Who we want to be

What we want to be remembered for

How people will see us when we are gone

What impact our life made in the lives of others….

So I decided to list all of the questions here…


Take some time

Reflect on what each means for you

Move into the New Year

Setting intentions based on what you learned….


This is your life we are talking about

Live a life you love

You choose every moment

Choose consciously


What is…..

Your favourite virtue?

Your favorite qualities in a man

Your favorite qualities in a woman

Your favorite occupation

Your chief characteristic

You idea of happiness

Your idea of misery

Your favorite color and flower

If not yourself, who would you be

Where you would...

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You Are Not Alone

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

Are you open?

Or are you happy where you are?

Or are you concerned about the fallout of 2020

Which in  just over six months has challenged our economy dramatically

None of us expected it and most everyone is unprepared

You are not alone...


A Pew Research study reported:

1 in 4 adults are having trouble paying their bills

have dipped into their savings or retirement to make ends meet

1 in 6 have borrowed money or gotten food from a food bank

say it is hard to pay rent or their mortgage


I do know that new opportunities will show up

We as a country have been here before 

Finding ways to rebuild our infrastructure and economy

Will happen as we work through these times together


My path to purpose happened out of the 2008 downturn

Finding a way to make another stream of income 

From home inside of my life

Was the beginning of ReThinking life

Finding a way to meet my main priorities of raising our boys

And creating another stream of income to cover our...

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Finding Your Center

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020


Equanimity is a new commitment I made in 2020

With everything spinning us out of our orbit

Having to let go of what we know and what we have expected the world to look like

Gives us the opportunity to rethink living and how we show up in our world

This moment opens our hearts to so much uncertainty and fear

Which is why finding a way to navigate the stormy seas of emotions

Has been my path to finding my fearless heart


A fearless heart is a garden inside of you

Like any garden, it needs care and nurturing

But with love and commitment

Cultivating an appreciation of others and yourself

Staying in the center

Being the observer is your path to peace


How do you see the world?


Helping you 

Not shift from one extreme of emotion or thought to another

Not being the tennis ball tattered back and forth

In the game of life

Taking control of your life is finding your center

Standing at the end of the net looking down the center of the court

Watching the balls that...

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Who Where You In Your Early Years?

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2020

Who were you in your early years?

What do you remember about your heart?

What motivated you?

How did that define your life?


I was a tomboy when I was young

Not sure if it was because I was the fourth girl and my dad really wanted a boy...

I loved to climb trees, could throw a spiral and hit a home run as well as the boys

My competitive side was developed early on

I learned the thrill of playing to win

Which has served me through life


Practice makes perfect

No matter what you do

You have to be willing to be bad

So you can commit to get better

Be patient with your results

Stay the course even when you don't want to

Dig deep and commit another day

Even when it's cold and rainy outside or in your heart


You are a champion

And when you discover how strong you are

Nothing will stop you again

Because you have proven to yourself

That you can start anew

Create a better life because you decided to

Mostly because you decided you are worth it


I believe in you

I know...

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