Why do we say no…. What are we afraid of?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020


I get it!  Change is scary and the unknown is even scarier.  


This is what I hear all the time when people first consider becoming a social entrepreneur


“I want another stream of income but don’t know what that means or where to start.”


“I’m not you and can’t do what you do”


“I don’t know what to do and am too overwhelmed to do anything right now”


“Or I’m so busy and just couldn’t handle one more thing”


“I don’t have any  money”


My heart breaks open because I understand.  I felt the same way.  


I had all of these concerns as well


I didn’t have any experience and at the time, I didn’t have a mentor to help me.


I was afraid of asking for help and so I stayed stuck and struggled


I didn’t know where to start, did it on my own,  and was leading others the wrong way which didn’t work for them either


But finding a mentor, a coach, someone who believed in me and with me, changed my success


Why?  Because he taught me the system; simple steps to success that anyone can do


I thought I had to “know it all”….  BE the expert


What I found is you learn while you earn. 


You grow as you are learning because you are surrounded by a team of experts helping you. 


You don’t need to know anything, you just need to be able to open your arms to receive


This same system has allowed me to help thousands of other passionate people have success too


Because it works for those who “work” it.


So if you have a dream in your heart


A burning desire for more but aren’t sure what that is


Message me and I will show you the system


Tools and team to not only support you, but be invested with you in your success


What do you have to lose


Come learn…..


My message box is open


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