Hi, I'm Michelle!


My Story

I believe in the human spirit. The beautiful stories that live inside of each of us that are begging to be told.

I’m a mom of three beautiful boys and blessed with my soul mate, best friend, and passionate partner in life who together share a purpose to give more than we receive, while partnering with others who feel the same.

Before family, I was a corporate girl driven with a passion for developing championship teams by attracting great people who saw the same vision and purpose. Collaborating together we built revenues and achieved success. I believe in fun, passion, playing your part and celebrating together. But there was to much sacrifice, stress and disparity.

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I’m an advocate for elevating belief in all that’s possible and warrior against fear and despair.  

Life-Long Learner

I’m a mom, wife and life long learner.

I’m an advocate for elevating belief in all that’s possible and warrior against fear and despair.  Every moment we are given the opportunity to choose. Between being our own life architect, defying the norm and going for the great passion and purpose that lives inside of each of us. You are unique, Your voice matters.  No one will ever share your story for you.

My professional background extended 15 years in the corporate world where I was discovered my passion and talent for developing leaders and building championship teams and revenues. This led to an opportunity of being in the right place at the right time that was life changing for both me and my team. What I found was pouring our passion, talent, time, hearts and sacrifices into someone else’s dream could be taken away and not valued once it was built.

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I wanted a life with time to share with family

I went to work one day and the President sold the company because someone else wanted the relationships and revenues we had built.  I knew then, I would leave the corporate world and find a better way to have a career, impact and ownership of my life and what I created. I didn’t want a boss, a 60 hour work week, or anyone to own my life in exchange for a paycheck again.

I wanted a life with time to share with family which showed up after I left my corporate career.  I loved it so much I never thought I would “go back to work”.

Our income was cut in half…

But when the economy shifted in 2008 and we, like everyone else had our income and savings cut in half while our expenses remained the same, I prayed for a way to help financially without leaving my boys at home.

Three months later someone who knew me in the corporate world reached out and said, “ I have a right place, right time opportunity for you to look at.  You would be incredible here.”

I thought it was impossible that timing and opportunity could strike twice but thank goodness it grabbed my attention and focus.  Network marketing was for me, like so many others, the stumbling block because I didn’t believe in the business model.

I spent the first year sharing only the science and products I loved and not the business opportunity.  But when I saw the company grow without me, I knew if I didn’t change my mindset and become a “network marketer” I would miss it!


The beautiful stories that live inside of each of us that are begging to be told.

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The Decision…

That decision changed my life.  I found a mentor who taught me this business and helped me look at it seriously as a profession. He taught me about servant leadership and pouring belief and skills into another person until they could do what you do.  

Soon I found everything I had been looking for. The opportunity to be my own boss, build a business and create an income inside of my life, from home, with my family and friends who I love.

More importantly, rather than manage people like I did in the corporate world, I could elevate and help them find their voice, write their life story and be paid for doing what I love.

Help You Find Your Voice

My goal is to help you find your voice. Be the architect of your life by dreaming again, believing again and seeing a way to build a life with time, freedom and the joy and passion of sharing it with those we love.  ReThink Living is understanding the world has changed and the opportunity to build and develop the skills to position yourself in front of that shift so you can capture it for you and your family.

First things first…

First by being an advocate for your health, this one body that carries us through this one moment of life and time on this planet.  The shift in wellness and health from supplementation to activation. Our body is the miracle and these nutrients activate the miracle inside of us to work the way it did intelligently and powerfully when we were young, so we can be healthier longer.

Own your life…

Secondly, owning your life.  You are the creator of your life story and being your own boss, activating your passion, story and voice in the world will show another person that they can to.  Together we will change the world, one life story at a time.

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