5 Top Happiness Hacks

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Choosing joy daily is my numero uno

Since every moment is a choice 

I remind myself of this fact

Whenever I find myself spinning off course


Worrying about something or comparing myself to someone

Living in the land of regrets for what I wish I would have said or done

Pushing myself to do more instead of crawling into bed and feeling more happy

Which is where I am right now!  With a smile on my face


I love writing in bed 

Secret time downloading my day in a quiet space

Giving myself an “Atta girl!” for the little accomplishments of the day

So I can go to sleep with a win instead of a list of to do’s 

Wake up feeling ready to conquer the day instead of overwhelmed


So what makes you happy

What brings joy and into your heart

Let’s make a list together and choose one thing every day

Because dang we deserve it

5 Top Happiness Hacks

  1. Laugh a lot - especially at yourself, because I like cracking myself up 
  2. Grow a garden of joy - plant kindness in someone's life each day
  3. Hand yourself gratitude - pull out your fingers and count 5 things your grateful for
  4. Close your eyes and smile in your heart, shine it in the world
  5. Go outside and watch nature - a tree smiles over the same spot for years and never wants more


You are ever so lucky when you count your have’s instead of your have nots


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