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Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

Isn’t that what we do every week

Go to work, do our job, go home

Repeat the next day until Friday


Do you love what you do?


I loved my clients but was not as crazy about my bosses

My team and I were the ones producing the revenues

Building the relationships and delivering the results

And they were the ones trying to manage us

Figuring that cracking a whip was motivation 

Or calling a friday afternoon meeting was the smart way

To make sure we were still working till 5 pm


So what would we all love…

Doing what we lights us up and being our own boss

Creating something of value that people need

An opportunity to be one of the first

Knowing and being part of creating the future

Where the world is going

Like owning a piece of Apple, Google, Amazon


Timing is everything

It is why I said yes to network marketing

Because I believed so much in the company

That I got over my obstacles and fears

Become my own boss, set my own hours

Built an asset that I own 

More importantly a life that I own and love


So do you love what you do?

If not, let me show you a way 

To capture an opportunity of timing

Including your own ever loving free time!


Visit my website to learn more: https://www.michelleskaff.com/


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