My Heart is Full With the Power of Relationships.

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

I am grateful for the incredible depth of love that relationships bring into my life, as well as the reflection and opportunity they bring to learn more about who I am.

Becoming more conscious of how I react and show up in my personal and professional relationships has helped me grow to become kinder, gentler, more conscious and loving. To others as well as myself.

Being an entrepreneur has connected me with people all over the globe, which has changed how I see the world.

The value and gift, of extending our reach and connection of love and community more broadly.  These relationships have helped me grow as a human being and to be more aware of all the ways we are capable of nurturing and caring for our shared humanity.

Which is why this week I want to talk about our most important relationship. 

Which is our relationship with ourself.

How do you honor you?  

Do you celebrate and recognize you every day?

Or are you guided by that monkey mind that chooses to keep you on a hamster wheel of all your not.  That wants to grab you and take you down into the dungeons of all of the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s and remain in blame, anger, resentment or hurt.

These are the emotions that keep us feeling small.

I am so done with being small.

It is time to put that beautiful crown on top of your head

To remind you, that you are royal and capable of so much more than your limiting thoughts would make you believe

There could be no more important time in history, to honor our humanity, in a world that needs our brightness.

The world needs your light

So let’s become more conscious so we can all shine more brightly in the world 

My purpose is simple.

It's to build a kinder, better, more loving, graceful world

Not be led by our differences that divide us

But by our humanity that makes us more powerful than those who choose to keep us small.  Because we are here with a simple purpose - to consciously create our reality.

What makes you shine brighter…. 

Take time and reflect on one thing that lights you up and commit to share it here and in all of your relationships today!


Michelle Skaff
Life Architect


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