Understanding Aging

Do you know why we age?  

What causes our body to break down. 

Why brain fog, aches and pains, stomach and other health issues start to settle in over time.

Have you ever thought about it….  

Or are you like me?

I never thought about it until my body stopped working, which impacted my life and joy every day….  

This one thing changed my life...  Understanding why and how we age.

“Aging Is is not a mystery” -Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Leading geneticist Cambridge


Aging becomes simple when we take a journey inside of our body and understand how it works every day to keep us healthy, no matter what we do to it.  It is a miracle that begins inside of every cell.  The fact is our body is made up of trillions of cells, brilliantly designed to manage important tasks but also repair, restore and rejuvenate our health every day.  

“Aging is simply the accumulation of damage in our cells”...

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