Shifting Your Relationship with You

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2020

Why is this so incredibly important…..

Because your relationship with you colors how you see the world.  Your beliefs  become the movies in your mind and what you expect to happen in the world.  How you believe people are and how you will be treated.  

Understanding and becoming my own life architect was a decision.  I was tired of the patterns that repeated every day.  I wanted better relationships personally, professionally and with myself and my own state of joy and love

You control the patterns that serve you as well as your ability to replace these patterns with new ideas and behaviors.  The truth is most of the time, our day and life is lived on autopilot without a clear plan, purpose or vision for what our life and legacy will be

So let’s create some simple steps to shifting your relationship with you

  1. Set your intention.

Someone asked me at the beginning of a session yesterday what my intention was. And I realized how powerful it is and how important it is to decide that before you do anything, or speak to anyone.  How about before the start of your day and end of your day before you go to sleep.  

What is my intention at this moment?

I shared my intention to break through my feelings of unworthiness that had come up around a presentation I was doing for a virtual event. My throat had seized and my mind was spinning and scattered trying to pull the thoughts together.

That intention took us on a journey to see the pattern and realize i could release it.

I saw myself standing on a cliff, somewhere over the Grand Canyon, looking out over the abyss of incredible life

I felt in every part of me that I was ready to soar.

Because I realized that I can fly.

Set your intention.

  1. Find the tools - what are the tools that help you be more conscious…..
    I have a toolbox that I have collected over time that I can grab based on my needs.  What is in your toolbox
    1. Breath
    2. Stillness and observation
    3. Journaling and reflection
    4. Walk with myself and Gaia -  movement
    5. Observing my thoughts, emotions, reactions to see where they originate and the patterns that keep me small.

Things will change simply by your awareness and your intention to get rid of them.

  1. A practice and commitment every day to be more conscious which for me means be my own life architect.
    1. Take ownership of my life
    2. Be responsible for my behaviors and reactions
    3. Eliminate blame because I recognize the lessons they teach me so I can grow
    4. Savor this adventure of a lifetime for the journey it is into loving you and your divine connection to create in this playground of time and space


Michelle Skaff
Life Architect


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