The First Step is Always the Hardest

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

The first step is always the hardest.  

It’s a fact and not just an issue for you in your life, unless you let it be. The first step is the hardest because it’s new and stepping into the unknown feels scary.  

Why? Because it’s risky and we are risk averse to failure.  Why did we become so afraid to fall or fail?  Was it all the “Watch out!  Be Careful!  Don’t touch that!  You’re going to get hurt!”  Ok… That is a longer subject for another time…

Why do I ask you to think about taking that first step?  Because it is what I love to do.  I help people take the first step and help them see that it’s not hard, scary or fraught with failure.  It’s new and exciting and filled with possibility!

Here is what you DON’T need to know…

You don’t need to know where you're going to take the first step.

You don’t need to know how to get there...

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Choose to Rise to the Challenges

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

I am grateful for every experience, bit of knowledge, every breath and word I get to write. This life is our journey to create and own. We all have stories inside of us. Make your life a hero's journey.

Choose to rise to the challenges and soar through the pain and fear that can cripple us. Dig deep and commit to find the lessons and stay in love and grace.

Here are my daily commitments to capturing 2020 vision which will inform your life moving forward.

Commitment - in order for change to happen you need to create a new behavior. It all begins with a decision and commitment to consistent time every day to look into your rear view mirror.

Reflection - grab a journal and look deeply at what emotions and thoughts come up. Search for the lessons this year brought and write them down. It is in our awareness, consciousness that patterns show up so they can be released

Breathe deeply - Without our breath, we would be dead. So it’s funny we didn’t learn in school how to master...

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What's On My Heart

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

My heart is filled with the gift of time away in Utah visiting our beautiful natural parks and our feet connected to the incredible beauty of our planet.  I will hold in my heart the stars that filled the night sky as the Milky Way felt so close within our grasp. 

Getting back into the rhythm of life is an adjustment as I reset my consistency and practice.  But having a daily mindset is like looking over the canyons of Zion.  Something that reminds you of your power and purpose. 

My morning practice usually concludes with a simple request for guidance. Sometimes it is specific to something that I am trying to understand and sometimes just wondering what I need to be open to receive.  My first gift home was pulling the card, “The Power of the Untamed”.  I thought it was about the untamed beauty of nature we had just been witness to, but the words I read next brought me home.

“To be untamed is to be true to oneself, without...

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Life is a Journey... You Have to Take the First Step

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

This is the moment where you choose. To learn new tricks, create new practices, commit to stilling your “I can’t” stories so you can be a puppy again.  Boundless energy, learning every new trick in seconds, joyfully playfully free and happy. Filled with love because you are loving…... 

If you are praying for answers, have a burning desire for change in your life, are coachable and a good work ethic, grab my hand.   You were me ten years ago.  Saying yes was the best decision I ever received.  I was mentored by a top leader in the industry who believed in my, breathed his experience into me so I could get there faster. He showed me the way and I brought the desire and commitment that propelled me into the top leadership in the industry in a few short years.  I was lucky to be a part of growing this company from a few million to a quarter billion.

We are launching into our next wave of growth and momentum in a world where people...

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Finding Your Fearless Heart

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020

There comes a point in all our lives where we feel stuck, overwhelmed, paralyzed by uncertainty. We can’t see the way forward and don’t know where to begin. But the problem is, the answers aren’t out there.  The answers are within. I truly believe that life puts the roadblocks in our life so we can remember how we truly are.  Release the child in us who was fearless and wore capes because we knew we had superhuman powers.  Each and everyone of us… not just the few who claim them.

This is a journey to find your fearless heart.  A journey I have taken over and over again, daily throughout my life.  Moving from pain and uncertainty to travel inside, listening and receiving the answers to my prayers.  The universal divine is whatever you call it. It  is the unseen that lives in your heart, always there waiting for you to ask for help.  Guidance most recently came in the form of a book recommended by one of my partners and...

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You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks…. True or False?

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…. True or False

I believe it is true.  True if the old dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks.  Or if the old dog makes excuses why it can’t change or grow.  Or doesn’t feel smart enough, good enough or important enough to learn something new and fight for what would make them happier.

False if you believe in what’s possible.  Know that you can learn anything by simply making the commitment to get started.  False if you know that help is always there….you just have to be willing to ask and receive.  Whether it is help from another or guidance from above.  

YOU are an amazing human being, living on a planet abundant with resources and yes new opportunities evolving as we evolve and grow every single day.  There are always ups and downs in the economy and we only come out better if we throw our heart into the ring.  Decide to grow and learn new tricks!


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2020 is Not the Year Any of Us Imagined

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020

2020 is not the year any of us imagined.  Life was suddenly cancelled as everything began shutting down and suddenly the world will never look the same.  We are here now for a reason.  Finding our way through pain and disappointment with love and grace is our journey. 

Disappointment set in when a dream trek to Nepal in April was postponed to October and now indefinitely.  Weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations cancelled.  Business meetings and events all over the US and abroad suspended or are now virtual.  And then came the fires in our beautiful communities leaving us locked in doors as toxic air filled our dark skies.  2020 grounded us and changed how we live every single moment of every single day.

But when I look at 2020 through my rear view mirror I find so many incredible lessons and gifts that have changed who I am and guide me to a future that excites me.  Each of these have their own story and life lesson.  In a...

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It is Time to Create a Different, Better World.

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

2020 was met with great anticipation. The start of a decade with promises of a brighter future.  All our hopes and dreams moving with us into the new year.

That is until right before our eyes, everything changed.  

All that we thought and believed was possible shifted in a second to nothing we could have imagined or planned. Whether it was Covid attacking our health or shelter in place changing how we live. Stuck in isolation and waiting for something to change.  For the world to get better or even back to normal.  The fact is, there is no normal.  It is time to create a different, better world.

The unknown can frighten and overwhelm us or inspire us. We all have good days and bad.  Dreams and hopes fulfilled along with heartache and losses.  Pain and sorrow in one moment turning to joy and gratitude in another.  It is the roller coaster of life that we all get to ride.  No one is special or excluded from the pain. 

But each of...

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My Passion and Purpose is Elevating Consciousness

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

My passion and purpose is elevating consciousness. 

So we can awaken to all we truly are and become all we are meant to be.

For me this journey started when someone helped to connect me to the consciousness inside of me

Powerfully conspiring every second on my behalf

To keep me not just alive, but thriving and surviving all kinds of stresses

That expanded my practice to find other ways I could live more consciously

Which has brought me more joy, peace, love, grace and kindness

Inside and out 

What I didn’t expect was how it would change the way I think of working

Building a global business from wherever I am

Playing and conspiring to make a difference in the lives of others

Because it is proven we can

And so the circle grew

Connecting me with other conscious leaders in the world

Soon people were reaching out to me 

Because we share the same vision of purpose for why we are alive 

If this is you….

Join us in Conscious Connected Community

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Health is My Hack to Live in a World That is Spinning out of Control

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020

Health is my hack to live in a world that is spinning out of control requiring me to find my center, manage my emotions, still my crazy mind.

I walk whenever I can because the air is clean enough for us to breathe, without smoke

I meditate and pray every morning so I can vision what’s possible, not what’s lacking

I take deep conscious breaths throughout the day to calm and bring me back to presence

I continue to commit to an almost 12 year practice of activating my body to repair, regenerate and restore my health first thing in the morning, every morning. 


Because I learned how we age and how we can flip the lights back on to slow it down

Going deep inside our body to defend and protect us again as it did when we were young….

Remember those days…  

Endless energy

Boundless joy

State of grace and calm

Faith that all things are possible

Not in dis-ease but in wellness

Recovering quickly because our body was working like a well oiled...

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