My heart is full with a Sunday Family Day Getaway

What's on my Heart.... 

When I was young, Sunday was a religious holiday.  Beginning with mass and extending into time with family. We were committed to time together and rarely were there exceptions to the day.  It culminated with dinner in the dining room which was the only time we ate there, other than holidays.  The best times of all were hopping in the car early in the morning for a trip somewhere and the adventures and memories we created.  

Which is why Sunday as my husband and I grabbed Gaia and hopped in the jeep for a trip to the beach, it made me think of my childhood.  A commitment to valuing the gift of time and those we love to spend it with.  Also a commitment to nourish our soul.

My jeep is a prize I won 8 years ago which now has 90,000 miles of fun on it. It was awarded in the spirit of freedom and adventure which it has been true to delivering all of that and more.  It’s huge tires and suspension are a way...

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These are unprecedented times.

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

These are unprecedented times requiring us to adjust and adapt to change and uncertainty.  We are faced with global impacts reminding us of our humanity and connectedness to each other.  We have been grounded in our homes trying to figure out what’s next.  Often not seeing anything to grab hold of.  

I help people get unstuck, see a plan for creating a different future by taking control of uncertainty.  Building an army of defenses around your body before you need it and sharing a vision that allows you to take care of your financial well being as well. My life changed because I took one simple step.  I said yes to learning and growing.  

So if you are open to learn...searching for answers, the information is free.  Knowledge is power.  There is no better time to be in the knowledge industry….  Come learn, you have nothing to lose

Before you can move to what’s next, we need to get unstuck…


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Five Tips to Creating more time in your life

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

Are you ready? 

Wake up today with a plan to live life anew

Choose to be 10% happier, healthier, more loving and peaceful

It will not happen without a plan

Knowing what you will do differently today

So your life will be different tomorrow


I love to help people be their own life architect

ReThink Living by imagining what your life could look like

Sit still and dream again


So let’s get started

  1. Why do you want your life to be different?  You have to have a why, a burning desire that holds your firm to your course.  Change is hard but oh so worth it.  We have to dig deep here and figure out what we can’t die with still living in our heart.
  2. Commitment - not just for a day or two but true commitment.  Life and death commitment.  People want a better life but they aren’t willing to work for it.  Instead they work for someone else their whole life even though they hate it.  Be committed
  3. Consistent - Dreams happen...
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My heart is full this week trying to help people get unstuck....

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

My heart is full this week trying to help people get unstuck  So many of my daily conversations with people focus and spin around all the uncertainty in the world 

Uncertainty that riddles our lives with bullets of fear, stress and overwhelm

Which are paralyzing rather than motivating us into take action

When there is a lack of clarity or focus on what to do, we end up doing nothing - get stuck.

Which is why fear is such a strong emotion

At times, it protects us from immediate and real danger because it motivates us to leap into action and move quickly

Versus fear of the future or the threat of something that might go wrong which can turn our minds inside out and paralyze us

Starts us spinning on the hamster wheel, that is hard to stop

Fear over time turns into anxious feelings that interrupt our sleep, impact our diet and digestion, and our ability to complete the simplest of tasks


Which continues the cycle wreaking havoc on our emotional, intellectual and physical...

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I love Network Marketing

I will be honest.  It took me a while to fall in love because it was so, so far out of my comfort zone.  Mostly it was my ego zone and what people would think of me.  How they would judge me.  Then I realized this was a lesson on how I judge myself.  Needing the approval of others to feel my worth.

I made a decision to be a network marketer initially for business reasons.  I believed in the company and the value and importance of getting these products to the world, but was looking for something that fit into my life so I could keep my family first. I was in my 50’s and so beyond having a boss or any schedule put upon me.  I wanted to be the boss of me! 

Thank goodness my why was bigger than my fear.  As a result my life and our family’s life is better in a million ways.  

Let me share just  a few….

Being an entrepreneur with all of the potential and none of the risk.

  • No overhead
  • No inventory to manage
  • ...
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What's on my heart this week... Network Marketing

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

I could have been in jail, but I’m not...

That’s what people told me. Every time someone heard I was in network marketing, their immediate reaction was, “Why would you do that? It’s illegal.”

When I asked them, including my own Dad, why they didn’t like it, they said, “Because it’s a pyramid scheme”. 

Hmmmmm.... What do you mean by a pyramid scheme? 

“You know when only the person at the top makes all the money and you bring people in under you who don’t make as much money as you do.”

Gosh, I scratched my head, That’s kind of what happened to me in the corporate world.

I could never make as much as the people at the top when I worked for a bank, or a publishing company or even in sales when I was the top producer. In fact the reason I left corporate was because I loved creating value by building revenues which were a measure of my success. And when they told me they couldn’t move me any...

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The Glue That Holds Everything Together....

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

My heart is full with  the need to ground and connect with our spiritual core and power as it feels like we are drifting at sea.  Lost and alone disconnected and drowning.  Which is why creating and committing to a spiritual practice becomes even more essential.  No matter who you pray to or receive grace and guidance from, cultivating a deeper trust with a divine and abundant spirit where everyone can prosper is essential for the sustainability of our species and our planet.

For me the glue that holds everything together is my spiritual life. It grounds me and connects me to this beautiful planet that sustains us and gives us life, it reminds me of our connection to the universe as we spin through time and space on this journey of a lifetime…. I am in awe of the conscious intelligence that runs through it all.  

Every day I commit time to connect to and be present in divine consciousness and spirit.  The unseen power of healing our...

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Your Internal GPS

Are you like me? 

Do you start your day with 100 things on your to do list?  

Or do you spend your day running around and don’t take time when a new to do pops up, to write it down and you forget.  Then spend the rest of the day beating yourself because you missed it. This is the emotional roller coaster that we often live on.

Which is why I want you to meet Grace. She is my Tesla and great partner in life and teacher.  Today she's going to teach with me as I constantly learn from her. Plus, Grace is my favorite word. It's how I hope to show up in the day. 

Every day when I catch myself spinning around like a crazy person, living in my head with all the things I want to get done that are impossible for any mere mortal to complete, I think of Grace. The moment I hop into my car, she’s ready with one simple image...a computer screen that runs every move we make.  It opens first to a GPS planner.  

Every move we make, we first...

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"It’s Not the Form, it's How I Meet It"

This one quote changes my life every day because it reminds me to own how I meet the day

Every second we make a choice how we react to life.  Rarely are we consciously choosing or taking ownership of our actions. We are whipped around by our thoughts and emotions which causes us to react based on preconceived notions. We get stuck spinning around the same story of blame, being the victim, or the “ I’m not enoughs”.  Which causes us to live in Groundhog Day, repeating the same behaviors over and over again.  Simply because we are watching the same movie we’ve projected on the movie screen of our life.

It’s time for a new reel in the projector of your thoughts.  Remember, you own the movie theater. You can pay the price of screening a movie every day that makes you happy, peaceful, gracefilled, kind and loving or watch Psycho whipping you around in fear, overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, and anger.

Which is why the mantra I learned from my...

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Simple steps to mastering your emotions

Do you know we all have an emotional guidance system. Our emotions are powerful teachers and our innate guides.  They can be our best friend or our worst enemy. You decide.

Emotions are energy in motion. They are our call into action that can take our life sideways, protect us from danger or keep us trapped in old patterns and behaviors. They can be negative or positive. Feelings in our gut can protect and connect us to our intuition that leads us on this path of life.

You have the power to harness them by seeing emotions as a call to tune in, listen and learn. 

Becoming conscious of your emotional life is an important step in the journey to creating a life with more joy, love, peace and passion. 

These simple steps have helped me create a practice to master my emotions and grace in life.  Imagine what your life would be like if you were 10% happier.  Would it be worth it.

  • Find a quiet space and relax. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out through...
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