My heart is full with a Sunday Family Day Getaway

What's on my Heart.... 

When I was young, Sunday was a religious holiday.  Beginning with mass and extending into time with family. We were committed to time together and rarely were there exceptions to the day.  It culminated with dinner in the dining room which was the only time we ate there, other than holidays.  The best times of all were hopping in the car early in the morning for a trip somewhere and the adventures and memories we created.  

Which is why Sunday as my husband and I grabbed Gaia and hopped in the jeep for a trip to the beach, it made me think of my childhood.  A commitment to valuing the gift of time and those we love to spend it with.  Also a commitment to nourish our soul.

My jeep is a prize I won 8 years ago which now has 90,000 miles of fun on it. It was awarded in the spirit of freedom and adventure which it has been true to delivering all of that and more.  It’s huge tires and suspension are a way different experience than the quiet smooth ride of my electric car. This is like wrestling a wild animal, bumping up and down the road with the top open and wind blowing as we all hang on tight.  She makes me happy and Danny calls her Mr Toad's Wild Ride.

Sheltering in place has helped us enjoy family and the coziness of home, but today reminded me that we need to fill our heart with a joyful ride of freedom and laughter. 

So what makes your heart sing, what brings laughter, time and memories with those you love.   

Make a commitment to plan an adventure this weekend…. 

Honor the best gift we have.  

Time which we lose every single day.  

Don’t take it for granted.  

Show someone you love, that your time with them matters.  

Your time with you matters too.


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