These are unprecedented times.

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

These are unprecedented times requiring us to adjust and adapt to change and uncertainty.  We are faced with global impacts reminding us of our humanity and connectedness to each other.  We have been grounded in our homes trying to figure out what’s next.  Often not seeing anything to grab hold of.  

I help people get unstuck, see a plan for creating a different future by taking control of uncertainty.  Building an army of defenses around your body before you need it and sharing a vision that allows you to take care of your financial well being as well. My life changed because I took one simple step.  I said yes to learning and growing.  

So if you are open to learn...searching for answers, the information is free.  Knowledge is power.  There is no better time to be in the knowledge industry….  Come learn, you have nothing to lose

Before you can move to what’s next, we need to get unstuck…

Remember, it is not the form, it is how you meet it.  

Here are 6 ways to help get unstuck and heal yourself:

  1. Deep Breathing is my number one go to for immediate relief.  It brings me back into my body and allows me to slow my beating heart and listen to the silence. Equal breathing into the count of four and out to the count of four.  Repeat 

  2. Relax - Being still allows you to become more conscious, focusing on your breath for 10 minutes, observing your crazy mind and move into your heart where peace lives.

  3. Stare your fear in the face - Grab a journal and write down what is overwhelming you and where it comes from.  Then write down three things that you are grateful for.  Focus on what is good every day creates the practice of faith and hope.

  4. Sleep is so important.  Turn off technology, crawl into bed early and listen to calming music or meditation as you fall asleep.  Reprogram your brain.

  5. Exercise helps not only move your energy but is an important way to create a win.  Wins in our life are the foundation for peace and joy

  6. Proper nutrition and Axio filled with magnesium and B vitamins that calm while creating energy, clarity and focus

  7. Get into community - Every day I hop on a 20 minute call that starts my day with  presence and consciousness.  Focusing on aligning the energy systems in my body, create a loving kind space, expands my presence and brings peace and love.  Love yourself first…. 

    *Private message me if you would like to hop on the call or Join us in Conscious Connected Community -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1519228264925467/

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