Cell Activation is Simple and Real

I wish you the sun, the moon and the stars…

And mostly the awareness of all these miracles of life

Everyone who knows me, knows of my commitment to cellular health

Today as I relax and read I am learning about stellar health

The stars above us and their journey through time

Did you know that the lifetime of a star is anywhere from a few million years to trillions

These are the ancients

They shift from one star form to another like a butterfly shedding its cocoon

I read that a star needs change and growth to feel alive

It’s soul purpose is to move and evolve 

Sounds like the star seed in all of us

What layer of skin do you want to shed 

What new actions will you take

To evolve your life into one you love more fully with expanded consciousness

In the awareness that you are a divine being spinning on a planet through a universe of starlight

Make sure you take a journey inside too

Love all over the universe of cells fighting for you every day

To keep your body...

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