Your Greatness is On The Other Side of Fear

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2020

Are you presented with a challenge

Paralyzed with overwhelm and self doubt

Tell yourself all the reasons it won’t work

Settle for less because it is easier

You are not alone

Everyone of us was born with fear

Darren Hardy, who I love to listen to

Calls it the Resistance

The self talk that tells us what we are not

All the reasons we shouldn’t, couldn’t or won’t

And before we know it we have lost the fight

Our doubts defeat us


But the fact is we are not simply our mind

Our heart is the center of our body for a reason

It controls our breath and sends energy through our body

It animates our life and should be the command center for our dreams

So make a practice this year of stilling your mind

Do not let the resistance control your life one more day



Every single one of us has greatness inside of us

We weren’t born to live mediocre lives

We are meant to not only step into our greatness

Know that the path to great 

Is walking through the forest of self doubt and fear


If you knew that was the enemy you needed to fight

To win the life you love

Wouldn’t it be easier

Wouldn’t you defeat it every day

Because through your fear is your joy

Fear tells us where we need to go

The direct path we need to climb

The things we need to do

To get to the castle of our greatness

So fear is good

The more something scares you

The faster you should dive into it

The more you know it is what you should do

Your greatness is just on the other side of fear

That is if you decide that is why you are here

This is fear is good

It tells us what we have to do

It shows the way to what we need to do


More scared - more sure you have to do it


Your greatness is on the other side of fear

It is on the other side of fear

The degree of fear is the degree of importance 

The straight line to what you should do

If I am not afraid of something 

I am not growing

Petrified with fear shows me what I need to do


Everyone feels fear

But only the brave choose to walk through it

Living up to your potential is stepping into the fear



Injure your self image 

Self defeat that keeps you small

Undeserving of success


2 REPUTAtion as a quitter choose the path of least resistance 



Failed the mission

Here to make the world better

Show others that they can too


Decide what you want for your life is bigger and more important

Happiness, courage, confidence and 

Hopes dreams and desires live on the other side


What has fear blocked you from


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