This one life hack changed my day

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

In this crazy busy world with things spinning so quickly out of control
Finding equanimity and balance is everything
Slowing down and setting a realistic plan for any mere mortal to complete
Is enough to celebrate and conquer your day

Which is why this one life hack changed my day
It is to begin your day by doing
The one thing you’re avoiding the most

Do It First….
Because it’s usually the most important thing you need to do
The one action with the most fear around it
Is your real life purpose

So that’s why I’m here now
Wanting to show up every day and add value
Finding the words that give life meaning
So I won’t procrastinate, wait, beat myself up
For not getting it done

Instead I am celebrating
What I did get done, the great conversations I did have
I am finally doing what I really wanted to do today
And didn’t get done… which is this...

Write what’s in my heart which burns to be released
So tomorrow I commit to doing this first
Because it is what matters most to me

It helps me breakthrough my biggest fear of being judged
When I’m the one judging me most
Is that you too
What’s your big fear?

What holds you back from your true heart passion?
Share it…. and let’s help each other do it first thing in the morning together
Everyday and forever... eliminate what we fear the most
Do it First ♥️


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