Open Your Heart and Soul

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

Friday open your heart and soul day!

Find something that inspires you….

Opens your heart and soul and sets you free


I have been sharing my favorite book 

The Proust Questionnaire

Because it asks us to reflect on what matters most to us

Who we want to be

What we want to be remembered for

How people will see us when we are gone

What impact our life made in the lives of others….

So I decided to list all of the questions here…


Take some time

Reflect on what each means for you

Move into the New Year

Setting intentions based on what you learned….


This is your life we are talking about

Live a life you love

You choose every moment

Choose consciously


What is…..

Your favourite virtue?

Your favorite qualities in a man

Your favorite qualities in a woman

Your favorite occupation

Your chief characteristic

You idea of happiness

Your idea of misery

Your favorite color and flower

If not yourself, who would you be

Where you would like to live

Your favorite prose authors

Your favorite poets

Your favorite painters and composers

Your favorite heroes in life

Your favorite heroins in life

Your favorite food and drink

Your favorite pet aversion

What characters in history do you most dislike

What is your present state of mind

For what fault have you most toleration 

Your favorite motto…  


If at first you don’t succeed...try, try again…

Love, laugh, live more, plant joy and spread grace


Take a moment to play with me….

Share one answer from above…..

Or reach out and let’s reflect together


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