It is Time to Create a Different, Better World

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

2020 was met with great anticipation. The start of a decade with promises of a brighter future. All our hopes and dreams moving with us into the new year.

That is until right before our eyes, everything changed.

All that we thought and believed was possible shifted in a second to nothing we could have imagined or planned. Whether it was Covid attacking our health or shelter in place changing how we live. Stuck in isolation and waiting for something to change. For the world to get better or even back to normal. The fact is, there is no normal. It is time to create a different, better world.

The unknown can frighten and overwhelm us or inspire us. We all have good days and bad. Dreams and hopes fulfilled along with heartache and losses. Pain and sorrow in one moment turning to joy and gratitude in another. It is the roller coaster of life that we all get to ride. No one is special or excluded from the pain.

But each of us chooses how we move through it. Stuck in fear with the weight of it all or deciding to rewrite your story and create a new journey today. It will require us to help each other, support our community, open our hearts and hands to care more for each other.

To help someone take the first step down a different path. I know it can happen because I have had the great privilege over the past 11 years to help people move from where they are into a newer future. Believe in them until they can believe in themself. Cheer and celebrate the little wins until they grow into something bigger.

How are you taking this moment, this time to reflect, to create a newer future with all you have learned from looking in the rear view mirror…..

You can do whatever you set your heart to…. Letting go of what we know is hard. It’s scary for all of us… But these are new days and they will require our courage.

Borrow mine if you need it.

I believe in you.


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