4 Habits To Break

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Usually when we think of habits, we are focused on creating new habits. New behaviors that will make our life better.  “I am going to sleep more, work out more, eat better, be happier more….”

The list goes on and we are left with more pressure to do.  As if our To Do list wasn’t big enough already!

I believe we need to start on the inside.  Figure out what sabotages our success and keeps us spinning on the hamster wheel of scattered and unfulfilled.  Why can’t we get our chores done simply as we did when we were young

I believe it is the stories we tell ourselves before we even get started.  The stories that steal our confidence, courage, belief and sense of value.  I have a whole closet full of self sabotaging stories…. Actually a whole housefull.  

So here are my 4 Habits To Break

Mind Habits

  • Our brain tells us a million times a day that we can’t, aren’t or don’t…
  • Can’t get it done, can’t lead, can’t be successful….
  • Aren’t smart enough, young enough, wealthy enough...
  • Don’t have the education, background, connections…

Heart Habits

  • Our heart turns us inside out with a story that makes us small
  • They’re making fun of me, judging me, thinking I’m crazy
  • They hurt me, lied to me, betrayed me, left me out
  • I wish I 

History Habits 

  • Old hurts and stories we carried from our childhood leave us stuck
  • I have to be perfect
  • I have to be successful
  • I failed before, I will again
  • I do it all for everyone else

Health Habits

  • Can’t life without technology which is taking over our life
  • I’m too busy to get my workout in
  • Grab and go on the run rather than healthy planned 
  • I’m good with no sleep

These thoughts and emotions are stealing your dreams.  Ultimately they steal the seconds in your life.  It is time to break free by being the observer of you.  Just noticing what pulls you sideways, writing a note to self, seeing the common patterns.

It is overwhelming at first but the beauty is, in your awareness, life changes.   Old habits and emotions begin to shift and so does your joy and peace of mind

These are the greatest markers of success to help you live the life you love.

You are your own Life Architect

Start today and please share one hack that keeps you stuck

Commit to letting it go….It’s just a story that no longer serves you


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