Your Internal Guidance System

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

What is your passion?
What drives the path of your life
When you hop in the vehicle of your body every day
Where is your IGS taking you

Your IGS is your Internal Guidance System
Do you have a goal and vision for your life
Do you believe how seeing a future you love
Will drive you towards that destination faster

But the fact is, we plug a destination into our GPS
Before we drive towards the location we desire
But don’t think about our life
And determining the destination where we want our life to go

As a life architect
I help people see a road to build a different future
Create an impact with income
Make a plan and mentor them to hop into their body
And drive towards the vision that motivates them

Fast or slow, you choose
One that is simple, affordable and only risky
If you stop and give up on you
Which sadly people do

Which is why I am grateful
Grateful for mentors who believed in me
Until I saw the results and believed on my own

I pour their gift of love, guidance and belief
Every day into another person
And teach them how to pour belief into another

Because changing someone's life
Seeing them drive into the future they desire and choose
Is a movement that has allowed me to impact
Thousands of lives with others

Are you ready to be your own life architect
Have a plan to dream again
And build a life you love


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