You Are Not Alone

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

Are you open?

Or are you happy where you are?

Or are you concerned about the fallout of 2020

Which in  just over six months has challenged our economy dramatically

None of us expected it and most everyone is unprepared

You are not alone...


A Pew Research study reported:

1 in 4 adults are having trouble paying their bills

⅓ have dipped into their savings or retirement to make ends meet

1 in 6 have borrowed money or gotten food from a food bank

⅓ say it is hard to pay rent or their mortgage


I do know that new opportunities will show up

We as a country have been here before 

Finding ways to rebuild our infrastructure and economy

Will happen as we work through these times together


My path to purpose happened out of the 2008 downturn

Finding a way to make another stream of income 

From home inside of my life

Was the beginning of ReThinking life

Finding a way to meet my main priorities of raising our boys

And creating another stream of income to cover our bills

Became a life changing decision


Over a decade ago I became an wellnesspreneur and Life Architect

I will never stop

Because too many people are searching for answers

My passion is helping people believe again

Because I found a way to believe in every day


Are you looking

Are you open to learn

This requires no special superpowers

Or talents

Just a loving heart and burning desire for more


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