Why you should honor the miracle of you

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

What is aging?
What is your relationship to it?
Are you passionate about your life?
Do you take care of your body?

If you could live longer would you want to?
Not in the old broken down body that ages
But in a body that is repairing itself
Because you got it to work again
Powerfully protecting you again
The way it did when you were young

This is why I do what I do
I help people understand aging
And why it isn’t inevitable to let life damage your health
Science that proves the power of your internal defenses
To repair, restore, regenerate wellness

It is your healthspan we are talking about
The healthy, happy, grace filled moments
In life that make you happy

How do you honor the miracle of you
Do you thank your body for all the ways
It heals you in every second
Your eyes so you can see
Your heart so you can feel
Your voice so you can speak
Your health so you can be happy
Your muscles so you can run
Your brain so you can think

Trillions of cells conspiring every second on your behalf
The miracle of you


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