What Are Your Superpowers?

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

Where do you find your super human strength

The ability to propel yourself past the overwhelm and procrastination 

Into your fearless heart


Because we will all have moments in life that challenge us

Throw us into a tailspin and turn our world inside out

Those scary times that take us to our knees

Wipe away the future we believed was imminent

And have us facing a clean slate that requires us to begin a new life story 


When I scroll back over my own life 

These have been the turning points for me

The call to reflection and then action

To begin again with what I have learned

Make a list of what lessons I do not want to repeat

Celebrate myself for growth and courage

And always so my grace and ask for guidance


My super power has been navigating the stormy seas

To understand adversity and pain from a very sensitive heart

And take this experience into helping others

Find their way

Get their sea legs back and blow belief in their sails

Till they can believe again


I found a way to make a life and a living

Partnering with heart centered entrepreneurs

Who know their unique stories matter too

The lessons that have sculpted their lives

Can serve another life bring their story in the world

Building community and another stream of income

Wherever we are

Anywhere in the world


In this moment, I want to thank the generous hearts 

That have made my heart better and stronger

You are my north star and blessings


I want to invite you to join us

We are changing the world

From right where we are

And we can prove it!


All it requires is your beautiful inquisitive heart

To come learn how this can be your answer and grace


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