The Secret to Cellular Energy

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

This is no secret

Science knows it.... but we aren’t taught it in school

Unless you love biology which wasn’t me

I was a math major...go figure…

I loved problems I could solve with real results

Shows a bit about my brain!


Which is why I fell in love with science in my 50’s

Someone took me on a journey inside of my cells

Helped me learn how we age and that this was also a problem we can solve

Slow down damage BEFORE it happens

Take control of our health because science has advanced 

And we can

Are you kidding me….  Who says no….

Slowing down not just aging which is kind of a big deal

But more importantly, the damage that leads to the problems of aging

That steal our joy, our brain, our body, which is all we really have 

When I started loving all over my body, she loved all over and blessed me


So understanding the Secret to Cellular Energy

How we can harness it through the science of Biohacking

Is my gift for you this season

Who isn’t praying for a little more energy, focus and clarity for 2021


Cellular energy begins with the tiny but mighty mitochondria 

The small engines inside each of our cells. 

Mitochondria make the wheels of life turn.

And we thought it was us!

Without our body, nothing happens


When our bodies are producing healthy mitochondria 

In the quantities our cells need to do their jobs, we get more than more energy. 

The mitochondria help support everything from our organs and joints to our mind. 

They play a huge role in our digestive process as well as concentration and mood. 

But when levels of ATP decline

Which is a cellular power outage….

All of those functions lack the energy source they need to keep us feeling our best. 

And guess what… we break down….

Grab my favorite blog for the week. 



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