Practice Makes Perfect

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

I was a tomboy when I was young

Not sure if it was because I was the fourth girl and my dad wanted a boy

I climbed trees, threw a spiral, hit a home run as well as others

I learned the thrill of playing to win


Practice makes perfect

No matter what you do

You have to be willing to be bad

Commit to get better

Be patient with your results

Stay the course even when you don't want to

Did deeper and commit another day

Even when it's cold and rainy outside or in your heart


You are a champion

And when you discover how strong you are

nothing will stop you again

Because you have proven to yourself

That you can start anew

Create a better life because you decided to


Mostly you decided you are worth it

I know you are

Because we all are

Which is why

Linking arms with others

Someone grabbing my hand when i am down

So I can return the hand to another who needs it

Has connected me into a beautiful community of hearts


Loving generous hearts are who we need to be

To create a world worthy of our children

Every moment, every breath we take

They are watching

Give them something to inspire them too

Share your dreams

Just one for now

Practice dreaming

That is a good muscle to build!!!


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