One Life: Make it an Intentional Life

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2021

One Life

It’s all we get

Make it an intentional life


Especially now in this world of overwhelm and fear

With stress like a heavy blanket that can bury us

Keep us hiding under the covers praying for life to get back to normal


But the fact is ... change is normal

Cycles in the economy, stock market, real estate

Always rise and fall

Just like the sun rises and falls

These are cycles in life that when we honor them

We are prepared


I wasn’t prepared a decade ago in 2008 when the economy crashed

I was being a mom after a corporate career and loving it

But like almost everyone at the time, 

Our income dropped and our bills stayed the same

Our savings were being tapped

We were slashing the things we bought and didn’t need

When we were living under the illusion that nothing would change


I pray at times like these for hope and direction

And the gift came

Another stream of income that I could build from home

It allowed me the freedom to stay home with our boys

It released the stress and worry about money

It turned me into an entrepreneur buying a business for $500

That came with the product I needed for my health


But most importantly if prepared us for this downturn in the economy

Because the company stayed in all of the ups and downs

Because customers kept ordering month over month just like me

Because these are essentials for building a fortress around our health

Which means I keep getting paid month over month

On products that I helped someone understand once…


Are you prepared now?

Will you be prepared for what comes next

ReThink Living for me is rethinking other streams of income


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