Join Me in Making 2021 a Year We Love

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2020

Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe? You have so many things to do yet can’t seem to get anything done.  Life is moving faster and you are hanging on by your fingernails and exhausted? You feel overwhelmed and responsible for EVERYONE, and EVERYTHING and can’t let go?

Trust me, not only have I been there, but I know that without a plan, it can happen every day.  I’ve spent days spinning in overwhelm.  Running in circles yet frozen in time unable to get focused and calm.  

Which is why I am so committed to a daily practice that has become a habit. A good habit I don’t want to break because when I do, I feel broken down at the end of the day and I don’t want that anymore because it steals all my dreams and desires in life.

So I am consistent…. Every single morning begins with time to stop the crazies that steal our belief in ourself.  Calm the spinning mind that seems more bent on telling us what we can’t do, then what we can. I have learned, how I start my day is how it flows and goes through the end of the day. My morning and daily compass is like the GPS system for our car.  It makes sure we get to our destination safely and enjoy the ride.

Meditation, which is simply the practice of watching the breath go in and out, finding its rhythm and focusing on the stillness of its consistency, that stills our monkey mind.  It also connects me with the divine consciousness inside of me.  A sense that I am part of something so much bigger than me.  Guided and protected, safe and loved, not alone but connected to a greater universe of consciousness and purpose.  A  practice that started with 5 minutes grew because I loved it to 30 minutes and the ability to stay more conscious and calm throughout my day.

Secondly, I commit to nature.  Going for a walk with my dear dog, Gaia to get our feet on the ground, breathe more deeply and see outside of my mind.  Nature lights me up when I am present instead of racing to get somewhere and again connects me to the larger universe of life. Don’t take your phone or any device …. Stay present and reflect on the beauty around you.

Play a game and look for how many flowers you can find or birds, bugs or insects you can see.  What happens is you see them all because you are practicing presence.

Thirdly, I take time to express gratitude which I call Grace.  Because grace reminds me of how lucky I am.  How just breathing is a gift that I have been given. A universe of other species sharing this gift of life with me who aren’t worried about what job they have or all the challenges that bury any mere mortal.  How did we become such doers?  My goal is to be a be-er.  Just be happy, more conscious, a bit better every day at being happy, kind and fulfilled because I exist.  Simple goals that keep my simple mind free and happy.

So what do you really want in life?  More things or more joy.  More badges of success or more sense of worth and value.  Take time and see your worth, celebrate your value.  Create a practice that loves all over you because you took the time to fall in love with all you truly are.  It is the new year and you choose to rethink living and what that means for you.

Be simple.  Choose more loving time and grace with yourself.  Suddenly the world will look different because you see it differently.

Grab my guide and join me in making 2021 a year we love.


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