Finding Your Center

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020


Equanimity is a new commitment I made in 2020

With everything spinning us out of our orbit

Having to let go of what we know and what we have expected the world to look like

Gives us the opportunity to rethink living and how we show up in our world

This moment opens our hearts to so much uncertainty and fear

Which is why finding a way to navigate the stormy seas of emotions

Has been my path to finding my fearless heart


A fearless heart is a garden inside of you

Like any garden, it needs care and nurturing

But with love and commitment

Cultivating an appreciation of others and yourself

Staying in the center

Being the observer is your path to peace


How do you see the world?


Helping you 

Not shift from one extreme of emotion or thought to another

Not being the tennis ball tattered back and forth

In the game of life

Taking control of your life is finding your center

Standing at the end of the net looking down the center of the court

Watching the balls that try to grab you bounce from one side to the other

Back and forth over and over that could to spin you off your center


Rethinking your life is finding your center

Staying fully present in the moment

Which is where transformation happens

Where you find your gifts, your worries, your passion

And bring it into wholeness

Cultivate the garden of goodness inside of you

By practicing loving kindness

Breathe in and out to find a state of calm

Slow equal deep breaths

Complete ten cycles and change your life

Watch the breath and count

Breathing in - 1,2,3,4 pause

Breathing out - 1,2,3,4 pause


Finding your Center and equanimity


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