Favorite Time of The Year

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2020

This is my favorite time of the year

I love December because it is the season of giving and gratitude

Long days with family festively celebrating life and our blessings

My greatest gifts came in this season

Starting with Thanksgiving, when our youngest son Mateo was born into our life

Moving to December when not only my husband but other two sons, Jarrett and Pablo were born 

These men are my blessings, greatest joy and life purpose


Sharing this season with them as we gather together makes me so happy

Letting go of all my to do’s and plans to buy a Christmas tree, take a walk, or just sit and talk

Making a shopping list so they can run to the store and fill the house with their favorite foods so I don’t have to is the best present of time and love

Being spoiled as they cook the dinners and do the dishes

Having Kyla, my niece here to help with our dad is another gift

A girl in the house brings a joy all its own

Grabbing all the things around the house that need to get done and checking them off her list

Wow!!!  I am counting my blessings as will the boys when our dishwasher arrives

We have lived without one through Covid...yikes!


It is a busy month filled with decorating, reflecting and joyful celebration

Lighting the house, our Christmas tree and flickering lights in our town

Sitting by the fire with a puzzle, favorite book or movie to watch

Slowing down as the year comes to a close

Seeing friends and finding the perfect gift for those we love

Time to remember what truly matters

The gift of love reflected in our family, friendship and our hearts


So take this time and reflect on the light inside of you

The joy that shines in your heart

How you have grown this year 

All the dreams and hopes you will plant in the new year

Make a plan, set your intentions, dream bigger than your fears

And let’s all shine more love in 2021

The world needs our light 


I am so grateful for you in my life

Thank you for listening to my heart

And sharing yours with me

What a gift it is


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