5 Simple Steps in 5 Minutes to Restart Your Day

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

How many times a day does your life take a turn and you find yourself spinning out of your control outside your orbit

Off on a thought or emotion that does not serve you

Missing all of the presents that are in the present moment because you are living unconsciously in the past or the future

It happens to all of us so know that you are not alone

What we do about it is our choice

ReThink Living for me is becoming more conscious in being present

Staying calm, loving, compassionate and grateful for the little girl in me that gets scared

She can steal my day if I don’t sit with her for awhile and understand her worries

Help her move through her fears

I have a heart hack that helps me

I started with 5 minutes once a day which grew to every time I find myself spinning

And then I saw how many moments needed this 5 minute hack and why I carry it with me and use it throughout the day

Let’s get started on creating your Heart Hack because your beautiful heart is waiting…

Step 1 - Commit to stopping what you are doing for 5 minutes.  Set a timer and let go

Step 2 - Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths in and out to calm your mind and bring you inside your heart.  Breathe in deeply to the silent count of 4, pause, breath out to the count of 4, pause and repeat.  Your breath is with you always and this practice forms the breath to calm and release the mind from working its crazy making job.

Step 3 - Observe by watching the stillness or thoughts that pass by.   Do not attach or judge anything.  Just observe what comes up so you can be aware of habits, old stories that you may want to throw away

Step 4 - End your 5 minutes with a mantra to reprogram the overwhelm and uncertainty.  Take those images and thoughts that came up and transform them like the butterfly from the cocoon of darkness.

 I am powerful, I am worthy, I am deserving, I am capable, I am courageous, I am compassionate, I am loving, I am grace, I am growing…….

Step 5 is extra credit but my favorite step if you choose to take it…..

Grab a journal that stays right by you so you can capture what came up. Begin to see the patterns and understand where that story came from.  Most importantly, see that the story isn’t you now.  It is an old piece of clothing that you can throw away, cut the cord to its connection that keeps you bound.

Meditate, contemplate, mantras, mind dump and oh yea….take a walk in nature

Deep breath dear soul.  

Don’t try to be perfect. 

Practice creates consistent action and change.

Commit to 5 minutes a day, whether it is a set time or ta time you really need it.

Just do it!

You are worthy, deserving, loving and powerful beyond measure.

Go meet your inner warrior of love.


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