Oxidative Stress and Your Body

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

“Oxidation” is the chemical term that describes removing electrons from an atom. Your cells are made of molecules that contain electrons, and these electrons can be “stolen” by an unstable atom that needs another electron to be stable. When this happens in your body, it can lead to tissue damage. Think about an apple that you cut and leave out. It turns brown, starts to shrivel and wrinkle, and gets mushy. That’s oxidation. Another example is rust—that’s metal oxidizing, getting holes and becoming weak and discolored.

Our body is really busy. Digesting food, breathing in and out, using our muscles, even thinking, are all hard work. This work can generate byproducts—like free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that start oxidation—they need an electron from another molecule to become stable. You need some free radicals to stimulate important physiological processes, such as helping the immune system function correctly...

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The importance of daily practice

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

This morning as I was writing in my journal
I stopped for a moment and found my inspiration
My sight landed on our children's first violin
Where their music life began

My heart is still full with music that filled our home
Long hours of practice, even when they didn’t want to
Whether it was the violin where they began
Or drums, cello, electric guitar, keyboard or piano

Music still fills our home
It all began with a commitment to practice
Practice is the skill required to be good at anything in life
Where have you practiced and developed your talents?
Where has it led you in life

My daily practice is stillness
It guides me into the quiet corners of life
Allows me to observe the influences of my mind
The beat of my heart that ignites passion
The moments I breathe life into my years.

Being my own life architect and helping others be theirs
Is a commitment to being intentional
Choosing where your life is headed
Why it is important
So you can live the exceptional life that is you

It is why you were...

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Your Internal Guidance System

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

What is your passion?
What drives the path of your life
When you hop in the vehicle of your body every day
Where is your IGS taking you

Your IGS is your Internal Guidance System
Do you have a goal and vision for your life
Do you believe how seeing a future you love
Will drive you towards that destination faster

But the fact is, we plug a destination into our GPS
Before we drive towards the location we desire
But don’t think about our life
And determining the destination where we want our life to go

As a life architect
I help people see a road to build a different future
Create an impact with income
Make a plan and mentor them to hop into their body
And drive towards the vision that motivates them

Fast or slow, you choose
One that is simple, affordable and only risky
If you stop and give up on you
Which sadly people do

Which is why I am grateful
Grateful for mentors who believed in me
Until I saw the results and believed on my own

I pour their gift of love, guidance and belief
Every day into...

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Why you should honor the miracle of you

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

What is aging?
What is your relationship to it?
Are you passionate about your life?
Do you take care of your body?

If you could live longer would you want to?
Not in the old broken down body that ages
But in a body that is repairing itself
Because you got it to work again
Powerfully protecting you again
The way it did when you were young

This is why I do what I do
I help people understand aging
And why it isn’t inevitable to let life damage your health
Science that proves the power of your internal defenses
To repair, restore, regenerate wellness

It is your healthspan we are talking about
The healthy, happy, grace filled moments
In life that make you happy

How do you honor the miracle of you
Do you thank your body for all the ways
It heals you in every second
Your eyes so you can see
Your heart so you can feel
Your voice so you can speak
Your health so you can be happy
Your muscles so you can run
Your brain so you can think

Trillions of cells conspiring every second on your behalf
The miracle of you...

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Five Tips to Create More Time in your Life

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Are you ready? 

Wake up today with a plan to live life anew

Choose to be 10% happier, healthier, more loving and peaceful

It will not happen without a plan

Knowing what you will do differently today

So your life will be different tomorrow


I love to help people be their own life architect

ReThink Living by imagining what your life could look like

Sit still and dream again


So let’s get started

  1. Why do you want your life to be different?  You have to have a why, a burning desire that holds your firm to your course.  Change is hard but oh so worth it.  We have to dig deep here and figure out what we can’t die with still living in our heart.
  2. Commitment - not just for a day or two but true commitment.  Life and death commitment.  People want a better life but they aren’t willing to work for it.  Instead they work for someone else their whole life even though they hate it.  Be committed
  3. Consistent - Dreams happen...
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Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

Life is like a puzzle. You wake up in the morning, open the box, and there are all of these pieces you have to put together. Getting started can be overwhelming, exhausting and stressful. Sometimes we just want to crawl back into bed and put the covers over our head. Crawl under a rock and hide. And sometimes we do.

But if you take a moment and a deep deep breath (my favorite way to calm the stresses), you begin to see the pieces come together….. The picture of where you are going. You start with the outside first, the finished picture, which is the vision of where you want to go. Vision builds belief and belief creates action.

Action is essential to get anywhere.
You are the engine to your dreams. Having a plan and the skills required is the first step. The skills help you know where to begin and how to get where you are going. Fill in the outside borders first . Build the structure and the steps that will get you to where you want to be.

Now what if you had a mentor…....

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4 Habits To Break

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Usually when we think of habits, we are focused on creating new habits. New behaviors that will make our life better.  “I am going to sleep more, work out more, eat better, be happier more….”

The list goes on and we are left with more pressure to do.  As if our To Do list wasn’t big enough already!

I believe we need to start on the inside.  Figure out what sabotages our success and keeps us spinning on the hamster wheel of scattered and unfulfilled.  Why can’t we get our chores done simply as we did when we were young

I believe it is the stories we tell ourselves before we even get started.  The stories that steal our confidence, courage, belief and sense of value.  I have a whole closet full of self sabotaging stories…. Actually a whole housefull.  

So here are my 4 Habits To Break

Mind Habits

  • Our brain tells us a million times a day that we can’t, aren’t or don’t…
  • Can’t...
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Cell Activation is Simple and Real

I wish you the sun, the moon and the stars…

And mostly the awareness of all these miracles of life

Everyone who knows me, knows of my commitment to cellular health

Today as I relax and read I am learning about stellar health

The stars above us and their journey through time

Did you know that the lifetime of a star is anywhere from a few million years to trillions

These are the ancients

They shift from one star form to another like a butterfly shedding its cocoon

I read that a star needs change and growth to feel alive

It’s soul purpose is to move and evolve 

Sounds like the star seed in all of us

What layer of skin do you want to shed 

What new actions will you take

To evolve your life into one you love more fully with expanded consciousness

In the awareness that you are a divine being spinning on a planet through a universe of starlight

Make sure you take a journey inside too

Love all over the universe of cells fighting for you every day

To keep your body...

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Gratitude and Presence

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

I am grateful always, but especially for the opportunity to be an entrepreneur.  

I never would have planned it 

Or even believed it was possible

Mostly because I have no interest in running a business

Or want all the stress and worry of payroll, compliance, legal, inventory ...ugh


Which is why finding a way to be part of a publicly traded company

That manages all the risk and headaches for me was a no brainer

All I have to do is invite people who are open to learn

To the information that teaches them what they need to know to make a decision

To the Team who share their stories and hearts in mentoring someone new


This is how we build a movement of life minded wellness preneurs

In our communities and in the world

Simply helping people change their health and for those who choose

Change the part of your health that creates the most stress!


Your financial well being……

Create another stream of income inside your already busy life


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Three Simple Steps to Extending Your Healthspan

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021

In this week’s podcast, Dr Brian Dixon, PhD,  President of Research and Development will explain biochemically how a proprietary blend of natural ingredients can turn NRF1, Nrf2 and NAD cell signaling pathways back on with the flip of a switch.  

The benefit for you is reducing the damage of oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days!

That means the damage didn’t happen!  That is crazy! 

It is also the reason why I flip this switch every single day for over a decade and now benefit from two other cell switches for optimum protection and wellness. 

Dr Dixon explains the difference between supplementation with dietary antioxidants that are like fighting cellular wildfires with splashes of water versus Activation

Activation actually changes the weather and landscape back to cultivating rich lush cellular rain forests 

Activation is the scientifically proven way to tell your body to do what it's always done better. 

And it's as...

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