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Business Overview

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Products for you to use and share as you launch your business

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If you are looking for Biohacking essentials on a budget, the Silver Pack is a great way to start.

Pack includes:

2 Tri-Synergizer Packets

Nrf1, Nrf2 and NAD

Axio Dragon Fruit


True Science Anti-aging cream

Nrf2 for your Skin

Choose Silver


More of my favorite essentials for health and beauty. Including our gut, heart and brain.

Pack includes:

2 Tri-Synergizer Packets

Nrf1, Nrf2 and NAD



Healthy gut and microbiome

and more!

Choose Gold


My favorite way to experience every product and have a few extras to share with the ones you love.

Pack includes:

2 Tri-Synergizer Packets

1 Tri-Synergizer Bottle

2 Pre-Bio

2 Pro-Bio

1 Fat Burn

and more!

Choose Platinum

These are the simple steps to launch your business and your dreams!

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Follow the steps below:

  • Click “Join Us”
  • Make sure you have Michelle Skaff as your sponsor (ID# 102069)
  • First step is to select your Country/ language if other than the U.S.  
  • Enter your personal information and click “Start Your Application”
  • Next, pick your enrollment pack which provides discounts off wholesale pricing
  • It includes your $50 Start Kit which is your business in a box plus samples!
  • OR you can customize your own pack by starting with the $50 Start Kit
  • Then shop and customize your own pack with the products you want
  • Review your order and continue to add your personal information
  • Continue to checkout and get enrolled with your personal distributor ID
  • Customize your Subscription order which will not charge or ship until next month
  • Click Shopping Bag
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Create your account

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